Introduction to Wellbeing

As a practice we are committed to supporting our patients health holistically and believe health and well-being really is a 360 degree approach, attending to all pillars of wellness and self-care.

Well done on accessing this web page and taking your first step to creating a healthier lifestyle which will hopefully contribute to your contentment in life!
Read the following steps and maybe try out some of the suggestions, monitor how they make you feel and see if you can find a way to keep these positive changes in your daily routine.

wellbeing pillars

Pillar 1 - Body Nourishment

Do you nourish your body with colourful foods filled with much needed vitamins and minerals? Read our body nourishment section and work towards some simple dietary goals that will make a big difference to how you feel! Even get suggestions on where to access healthy recopies and free cook alongs!

Pillar 2 - Movement

Are you managing to reach the recommended150 minutes of moderate intensity activity per week? Do you know about the positive effect exercise has on our mental health? If you’re looking for some ideas of how to move the body at home or on local groups available have a read of our movement section!

Pillar 3 - Mental Wellbeing, self awareness, nourishment of the mind

A huge part of our well being is considering how we are emotionally? How do you calm your mind so it can function at its best? For more information on this and links to free breath work, books and podcasts go to our pillar 3 section mind nourishment!

Pillar 3 also contains a directory of Services specific for the Western Trust.

Pillar 4 - Soul Nourishment

What nourishes your soul? Does your job or hobbies bring you a sense of purpose and joy? Read pillar 4 for some important questions to ponder!

Pillar 5 - Knowledge

Knowledge is power! Are you informed about your health condition? Are you aware of useful and RELIABLE sources of information? Check out pillar 5 for links to excellent websites to help better inform you about your health!

Pillar 6 - Risk Avoidance

Do you put yourself at risk with some of your behaviours? Smoking, gambling, eating or drinking too much? It’s very common read pillar 6 for some helpful questions to consider and links to useful resources and contacts.

Pillar 7 - Good hygiene

Good hygiene isn’t just about taking a shower or brushing our teeth but also refers to our sleep hygiene are there small changes you could take that would make a big difference to your sleep at night? See pillar 7 for links to helpful resources!


Remember...self-care isn’t selfish, it’s necessary!

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