Pillar Two: Movement

A huge part of well-being and caring for yourself is also about finding time in your day to move your body and get in some physical activity. This can look different to all of us. For some, this could mean going for a 5km run. For others, this could mean walking the dog, cycling to work or practicing yoga at home for 10 minutes.

Sometimes, self-care is even getting out of bed on those days where the thought of that seems impossible. What ever you do give yourself a high five! (Sound weird? A high five will help you do the activity you gave yourself a high five for more…how? Positive feedback and neuroplasticity…interested in learning more check out the High Five Habit by Mel Robins)

Now back to exercise...

The point is there are lots of ways to move the body!

Not only does exercise strengthen our muscles and bones and decrease joint pain but it also helps the mind.

Exercise is energy in motion E-motion! Sometimes the best way to move emotions out the body is to move the body in whatever way feels good for you!

Why not take a walk, jog or run outside?

Even just ten minutes has both physical and mental benefits! Start small and build up to the recommended150 minutes of moderate intensity activity a week.

Some ways to exercise locally…….

Do you love to cycle?

Check out the Riverside Walk and Cycle Path in Omagh or find other routes here; https://www.bikemap.net/en/l/

Maybe even join the local cycle club; https://www.facebook.com/groups/omaghwheelers/

Keen runner or want to start running?

Why not run or jog with others at our local park run every Saturday 9.30 at Omagh Leisure Complex;


Omagh leisure centre also now have a range of fitness classes back up and running, check them out here;

Leisure Complexes in the district (legendonlineservices.co.uk)

The leisure centre also has a fantastic gym with a range of cardiovascular and weight training machines available! They also have a 25m swimming pool which is a great way to build up strength and cardiovascular fitness in a non-weight bearing way, making it easy on the joints!

Other local clubs

If you know of any other clubs or activities you enjoy let us know and we’ll add them so other members of the community can give them a try!

Want to exercise from the comfort of your own home?

Yoga is a beautiful practice that exercises both mind and body in union! It is suitable for kids, adults and during pregnancy! There’s restorative yoga, yogic sleep and you can even do yoga on a chair! It really is suitable for everyone!

YouTube “yoga with Adrienne” for tonnes of free practices from beginner to intermediate level, here’s a beautiful 15 minute practice to get started with; Stillness For Stress Relief | 15-Minute Meditation | Yoga With Adriene - YouTube

Or just search for, eg., chair yoga on you tube and hundreds of suitable practices will come up!

Want to get the kids moving more on a rainy day at home

How we can support you should you feel you need more help

  • Referal to PARS scheme

PARS stands for Physical Activity Referral Scheme, find out more here; https://hscbusiness.hscni.net/pdf/PARS%20Policy%20Doc.pdf

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