Pillar Six: Risk Avoidance

By avoiding or limiting your use of toxic substances and risky behaviour, you are automatically showing yourself self-care. This can include things like avoiding tobacco and alcohol use, avoiding dangerous situations. Self-care can also be choosing to use sunscreen and limiting screen time.

Very often a good question to ask when tackling a risky behaviour can be why do I want to stop?

Do you want to feel healthier?

Do you want to be at a loved ones wedding in the future?

Think about it, when you find your why and you feel strongly enough about it having the will to make the change will be easier!

Please also be gentle with yourself very often an addiction pattern has developed as a way to cope with troubles in our lives and so counselling may also be beneficial to work through this. There are a number of counsellors who work privately in the Omagh area or we can refer you to the practice counsellor.

Other helpful resources

Smoking cessation help:

The western trust has a pack, helpline, clinic what ever you feel will work best for you!


Drug & Alcohol support:


Daisy West | Start360 Northern Ireland



Gambling support:

Gamblers Anonymous

As always please let us know should you require support in this regard.

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